Friday, April 1, 2011

It's that time again-My March Reads

This is the first month I have ever had that I didn't finish at least one print book. Wow. Didn't even notice that til yesterday when I started thinking about getting this post ready. I will definitely have to change that pattern since I will be buying five print books(or more)in the next couple days now that payday got here.

Well, here's my list of books that I read in March.

Dragon's Dare Willa Okati
Dragon's Delight Willa Okati
Dragon's Deal Willa Okati
Dragon's Devotion Willa Okati
Dragon Mine(A) Joyee Flynn
Dragon Ours(A) Joyee Flynn
Sheriff Found(A) Joyee Flynn
Here Kitty, Kitty(A) Joyee Flynn
My Little Kitty(A) Joyee Flynn
Our Sexy Tiger(A) Joyee Flynn
Pretty Baby(B) Stormy Glenn
Affairs of Dragons(62) Lena Austin
Primal Passions( C ) Stephanie Hecht
A Feral Christmas(B) Stephanie Hecht
Savage Awakenings( C ) Stephanie Hecht
Carnal Intentions(A) Stephanie Hecht
A wicked Caress(A) Stephanie Hecht
Ruthless Pursuit(A) Stephanie Hecht
A Tempting Distraction(B) Stephanie Hecht
Catch of the Day(A) Lily Sawyer
Blazed(91) Amber Kallyn
Inestimable Blessings(A) Amanda Young
Can't Bear It(35) Celia Kyle
Shifting Winds(60) Lex Valentine
Unconventional Love(29) Aeryn Traxx
Not Seeing Is Believing(36) TA Chase
Hunk of Coal(56) Cassandra Moore
Unexpected Mate(A) Toni Griffin
Determined Mate(A) Toni Griffin
Extinction(A) Carol Lynne
Retribution(A) Carol Lynne
Evolution(A) Carol Lynne
Resolution(A) Carol Lynne
Were Lost(75) Aeryn Traxx
In A Wolf's Eyes(47) Cassandra Gold
With Love(94) JL Langley
Without Reservations( C ) JL Langley
With Caution( C ) JL Langley
With Abandon(B) JL Langley
Attracting Anthony(83) Amber Kell
Baiting Ben(80) Amber Kell
Courting Calvin(85) Amber Kell

And the key for the stuff in parentheses after the title-
actual number if under 100 pages
A=100-149 pages
B=150-199 pages
C=300-299 pages

How did you do with your reading this month?


  1. Read mine! Read mine! LOL! Hehehe!!

    Lena Austin, doing the flyby

  2. That's awesome, Beth! I'm way far behind in reading, period!