Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My adventure for the evening!

My oldest daughter was outside mowing part of the lawn this evening. The younger one went out to ask her a question and they both came running back in the house a minute later, slamming the door. Once the initial scare wore off, we all ventured back outside, with a digital camera. Apparently, when she looked up from the area she was mowing, my oldest noticed our local bear ambling through our empty lot that is next to the area she was mowing. At least he didn't raid OUR garbage can this time like he did back on the morning of May 20th.

Here are the links to the videos that were taken today.

Bear Video One

Bear Video Two

And here are the ones we took on the 20th when he showed up at about 7:45am. He stuck around for about 20 minutes, until one of the garbage trucks came up the street. My daughter actually contacted the local news stations and a couple of them used the videos.