Thursday, January 3, 2013

WOW!! It's been a long time.

Well, I really got behind doing any blogging. Real life drastically interfered with my online life in 2012.

Happy New Year everyone!

I got to be the end of the year and I suddenly realized that I hadn't kept up my Reading Challenge posts. I was a good girl in that most of the books I read this year I did record on Goodreads. I joined the 2012 Reading Challenge there and set a goal of 366 books(a book a day). I ended the year with 370 listed. I figure my total is actually closer to 400 since you can only count a book once for that challenge even if you read it more than once within the same year. Which I did for several books that I read early in the year if a new one in a series came out later in the year.
I am currently going through my Goodreads list and trying to match up what I read to the various reading challenges I attempted for 2012. I already know that I failed a few of the challenges. I also finished at least three, other than the one on Goodreads.

One good thing about my real life being so hectic the last few months is that I lost almost 25 pounds last year. Was I ever excited when I got on the scale a couple months ago and discovered that I was under 200 for the first time in almost a decade. YIPPEE!!!

I have several things I want to do this year.
First is to definitely blog more than I have been.
Second is to do fewer reading challenges this year, and keep better records for those that I do join.
Third is to get a website going to sell my crafts through.
Fourth is to work on polishing up one or more of the stories I have partially written and maybe finally get them submitted.
Fifth is not entirely up to me. Would love for both my 20+ year old daughters to finally be able to move out and stay moved out. They will always have a home with me if necessary, but they really need to get their own lives.
I was thinking about adding a sixth of doing more reviews of the books I read, but I really can't force those out. Occasionally a book will move me to do more than just give it a star rating on Goodreads, but not very often. And even those few that moved me to words, those words are few. A couple sentences usually.

Okay, I've rambled enough for now. Hopefully this weekend I'll have the information organized enough to post about my successes and failures in the reading challenges I attempted for 2012. And maybe have even figured out which few challenges I'd like to try for 2013.