Thursday, January 20, 2011

You may notice some changes

Not that many of you have been here much.

I've been experimenting with the look of the blog, mainly in the different text options.

And I've added a couple of pages(see tabs above).

I'll be working on those pages for the next few days. Signing up for challenges I want to participate in and refining the info for the challenge I'm hosting.


  1. Hi - I love the background of your blog and You do like challenges. Will you be adding to them? Keep up the good work. I am a very sketchy follower. I keep forgetting, so if you do not see(read) me for a while do forgive me. Maybe I should be doing something with my blog is it still exist. I have not been there for a year or 2. LOL See you around.

  2. Beth-I like the changes you have made. It is looking good.

    Linda J.

  3. I like your blog--of course I'm partial to the purple *grin*. I'm going to try and visit on recipe day! I need to cook healthier! :)